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Highest Price, Lowest Cost & No Risks

by Neil Jenman

Australia’s trusted real estate author

Article written and provided by Neil Jenman from Jenman.com.au . To see the original source of this article please click here. https://jenman.com.au/the-best-way-to-sell-your-home/. Neil Jenman is Australia’s trusted consumer crusader. He can support you, all the way, from choosing an agent who will get you the highest price guaranteed to when your removalist comes! You get an unprecedented level of total support. All for free. To find out more visit jenman.com.au

Selling a home is one of the most stressful events in life. But there is now some great news for home-sellers in 2021.

It’s time to spell it out.

In 2021, selling a home can be done safely. And, unlike most sales, your home can now be sold for the absolute highest price. Maybe more than you dreamed possible.

Some agents can now guarantee to get you the highest price without any risk. If they do not get the highest price, they lose, not you.

You now have nothing to lose.

This is how it should be. This is what sellers have needed for years. Most agents refuse to give it to them.

But not anymore.

Some sellers can now get a GUARANTEE of selling for the highest price with no risk.

Your home can be sold without the usual high risk of countless go-wrongs. You can avoid the massive needless costs that slug most home-sellers.

And, finally, unlike what happens to most home-sellers, your home does not get sold tens of thousands of dollars under its true value. It is possible to get the highest price for your home which can be as much as 10 per cent more than typical agents could possibly have got.

This is now happening to many home-sellers all over the country. It’s what happens at JENMAN SUPPORT.

We think we have got it right – for sellers in all respects.

Here are some of many examples. This is what we will strive to do for you too.

In January 2021 (last week), Tony and Gemma sold their home for a massive $351,000 more than several agents quoted. This included an agent who tried to push them to sell by auction.

Luckily, they discovered that a public auction is the worst way to sell a home. With auction, there is no way Tony and Gemma would have got $351,000 extra for their home.

At auction, they would likely have joined thousands of sellers who under-sell their homes by at least tens of thousands of dollars. Often hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sometimes, on expensive properties, sellers lose millions of dollars selling at auction. In one case, a property was under-sold by $4 million at auction. The owners were not mega-rich. They were retired farmers. It was as if they left $4 million in the hay shed.

This situation is not rare.

It is a national tragedy. Most home-sellers lose money when they sell because their homes are under-sold, often massively so. Think about it – What do most agents always ask sellers?

“How much do you want?”

“What’s the lowest you’ll take?”

These are questions you should never answer.

With our support, we’d insist you turn such questions back on the agent: “Don’t ask us to reveal our lowest; get the purchasers to reveal their highest!”

And here is the true ‘con’ of it all: Most sellers never realise their homes are under-sold. They are completely unaware. It’s like they move out and leave a suitcase full of cash in their lounge room. Or the hay shed!


But under-selling your home need not happen to you. With our support you can be in the same situation as Tony and Gemma.

That’s our aim for every seller we support. If you wish, we never leave your side until we are sure you have got the absolute highest price. And it costs you NOTHING extra for our help which often results in hundreds of thousands of dollars extra for the home-seller.

Like John who just sold his former family home – and got $400,000 more than agents estimated. When the agent got $200,000 more, he was ready to tell John to sell as it seemed like the highest price.

But no, we insisted on trying one more idea – an idea that cost nothing.

And guess what?

There was another $200,000 available in the market-place, making a total of $400,000 extra for this wonderful man who placed his trust in our support.

To get $400,000 extra is a phenomenal result. Especially with no upfront risk.

Both these examples are homes worth two million dollars – and more.

But we do the same for the owners of lower priced homes. Battling families usually need every cent. They cannot afford to under-sell their homes. Every dollar is important.

People like hard-working FIFO gold miner Ian, and his lovely wife who sold their ‘shocker’ investment at Sunbury for $27,000 more, plus another home in WA for the absolute highest price when other agents were quoting much less. This lovely couple had spent much of their lives being a ‘profit-source’ for property spruikers. Finally, they had someone who placed their interests first. On their two properties, they were close to $50,000 better off thanks to our support. How long does it take an average family to save $50,000? A year? Two years? Well, all it took was one phone call to Jenman Support.

Helping honest and hard-working families to get a much better price for their properties is the great joy for all of us at Jenman Support. It’s the big reason we love our jobs.

Back to another example, again in the multi-million-dollar category (which applies to so many homes these days).

Barry and Kathy were on their third agent and ninth month on the market. They tried one technique we suggested. It caused the price of their home to explode.

They got an offer $250,000 more than the best offer from another agent. All because of one idea – and refusing to ‘play the game’ and drop the price based on “what the market is saying”.

Here is what most sellers don’t realise: The goal of sellers is different from the goal of agents.

Sellers want a sale – at the highest price. Most agents want a sale – at any price.

Think on this: If your home sells for a big price or a low price, the agents get a big commission.

So, how do you become a home-seller who gets the highest price with no risk or upfront costs?

Do what all the sellers in the above examples did – and what so many more are now doing: Get Jenman Support on your side.

Here are three huge advantages to using Jenman Support:

First, we never ask you for any money.

Second, we never ask you to sign anything.

And third, we always strive to place your interests first.

When you are selling, BEFORE YOU CONTACT AN AGENT, PLEASE CONTACT US – either on [email protected] or 1800 1800 18.

Here are the FOUR BIG SUPPORT STEPS we offer you – and you can use as much or as little of each as required.

As we often say, we will do ‘WHATEVER IT TAKES’ to help you to get what you want.

Just as agents do, we assess your needs. But, unlike most agents, your needs are our priority. Once we have had contact with you – by whatever method (phone, email, Zoom) – we make sure you have as much helpful information as possible. This could mean simply mailing you our new book REAL ESTATE DOs and DON’Ts.

Better to spend weeks looking for the right agent than be stuck for months with the wrong agent.

Many times, we already know the best agent for your home. If not, we start calling agents – and ‘grilling’ them. Until we find the best agent for you.

What do we mean by the “best agent”?

The best agent is the one who does the best for you. When you enlist our support, the agent agrees to our list of 8 Protection Points before we introduce you. If not, we don’t introduce you. This saves you the displeasure of rejecting the unsuitable agents. We can do it for you.

These 8 points protect you.

Agents who reject these points are basically saying they do not protect you. Therefore, we suggest you reject such as agents. As we often say to agents, ‘Why would you not agree to these points?’

The best agents have no problem doing what is best for you

For example, with Jenman Support, agents are not allowed to charge you up-front expenses.

You must have NO RISK OF LOSS.
As happens in all countries of the world, agents cover advertising costs before your property is sold. If you decide not to sell (for whatever reason) you cannot be thousands of dollars out of pocket – for nothing. Nor can they put a caveat on your home to force you to pay unjustified and needless advertising costs. It’s an outrage.

Also, you are not “locked-in” when you have our support.

Bad enough being in ‘lock-down’ in a pandemic; that is for your own good. It is no good being locked-in with an agent you do not like. That is not in your interests and yet thousands of sellers are locked-in with agents they do not like or trust anymore.

Agents call these locked-in sellers, “controlled listings”.

With all our protection points, you (not the agent) control the selling process. When your home is sold, the agent pays us a fee for supporting you. As some sellers have rightly said: ‘The agent pays you to protect us from them.’

We can stay with you all the way – through the entire selling stage. We will answer your questions, provide suggestions, and make selling much less stressful, even enjoyable.

Most sellers cannot believe how much we at Jenman Support do for them. Unlike agents, we rarely urge sellers to drop their prices.

We prefer to try something else. Dropping the price should be your last resort, not the first as happens with most agents. Anybody can sell your home if the price is low enough. You do not need to pay an agent thousands of dollars to turn your home into a bargain.

Having trained agents for years, we coach many agents on how to get you the best result. We love saying our favourite words to sellers when they sell for the top price: “We told you so!”

If you already have an agent in mind, we can still help you.

Remember, it is your home, and you can get help and support from whomever you wish. You can insist on having our support.

Most agents will agree if they know you are determined to use our service. As one of our recent sellers, a member of the NSW Fire Brigade, said to agents he was considering for the sale of his home: “If Jenman Support is not involved, I don’t want you as the agent”. And then he said these four words, ‘NO NEIL, NO DEAL’.

When he ended up getting a much higher price directly because of our support, he asked us for ‘No Neil, No Deal’ T-Shirts to give to his mates. It is our pleasure to help such good people.

Regardless of whether we are paid or not, we never refuse to help honest sellers. We mean it when we say that your interests come first.

Please check our Google Reviews. They should give you an insight into the sort of commitment you get when you enlist Jenman Support.

Many sellers say: “If sellers are not using Jenman Support, they are probably losing money”.

As our service is effectively FREE to sellers, it costs you nothing to contact us and check us out. You are never under any obligation with us.

The message is clear. There is no doubt: The best way to sell your home in 2021 for the best price and with no risk is with support from Jenman Support.

We look forward to helping you. Thank you.

PS. In a few weeks, we are releasing our latest publication: A book containing more than 70 of our best articles for home sellers. It’s called THE DO’s & DON’Ts OF REAL ESTATE. A quick flick could easily save you thousands of dollars. Treasure the value in your home, it’s the same as money in the bank. Protect it, get the best return. Get some genuinely good support.

If you are selling soon and you would like an Advanced Proof Copy of THE DO’s & DON’Ts OF REAL ESTATE with our compliments, please click here and we will mail it to you.