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The atmosphere of your personal touch.

by Neil Jenman

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These days, many home sellers are paying thousands of dollars to ‘STAGE’ their homes.

But is this money necessary? Does it increase the selling price?

Well, sometimes, perhaps.

But, before you consider handing over a few thousand dollars to a staging company, why not see if you can ‘stage’ your own home – at no extra cost?

With kickbacks rife in real estate, you need to ask a question: Is the agent recommending I spend thousands of dollars on staging because the agent is getting a kickback from the staging company OR does the agent truly have my best interests at heart?

You are not a cash cow. Don’t allow yourself to be milked.

Sure, professional ‘staging’ companies can improve the presentation of a home. But most people are not silly. If something is obviously ‘staged’ it can repel the buyers.

So, what can you do to improve your home’s appeal without spending thousands of dollars?


You can’t expect the best price for your home unless it looks its best. This does not mean a major renovation. Just a good spruce-up and paying attention to a few details may be all it takes to give you a few extra thousand dollars – without spending thousands of dollars.

Here are a few hints to help you make your property more attractive to buyers.

The final decision to buy a home is usually made by a woman. Never mind who may appear to be the boss, it’s women who make most buying decisions. What do women want more than anything else in a home? Ambiance. Atmosphere. They want a home that feels right. It’s emotional more than financial. It’s about feelings, not finances.

So how do you create that feel-good atmosphere, the right ambiance?

Avoid false pretences. The atmosphere should be natural, not staged. Make sure you avoid the corny ‘three Cs’ – coffee percolating, cake in the oven or classical music. It’s phoney. Buyers spot it a mile away. It makes them suspicious.


Clean your home. Clean means hygiene. Especially bathrooms. Nothing kills a sale quicker than a dirty bathroom. A mere speck of dirt or a hint of mold is a huge turn-off.

Picture the bathroom in a five-star hotel. It’s immaculate. Sparkling basins, bath, shower recess and toilet. Together with a shiny mirror and bright fluffy towels, it’s pristine. The same should apply with your home’s bathroom.

The rest of the home must be clean; but be careful, not sterile.

The trouble with many homes for sale – especially expensive homes – is that they are clean to the point of being cold. The atmosphere is frigid, it lacks warmth.

Clean is not the same as tidy. If a home is too tidy, it loses its atmosphere. A home needs to look ‘loved-in’. A feeling of love and warmth attracts buyers.

Slippers beside a bed, a dressing gown tossed on a chair, a teddy bear among pillows. Cheeky notes under fridge magnets. It makes people feel good. Homes are all about feelings.

Place family photos on walls. Or create a wall – in the kitchen or family room – filled with happy ‘snaps’. And bookcases filled with your favourite books add a warm atmosphere.


Homes reflect the mood of residents. We have all heard the expression, ‘cut the air with a knife’. It’s true. If there is bad blood in your home, buyers will detect it.

Imagine a young couple, starry-eyed in love but viewing a home being sold in a bitter divorce. It’s uncanny how the young couple will pick up on the feelings.

This may sound silly, but if you’ve got your home for sale, try to get along with your own family members better. It will do wonders for the atmosphere. It will certainly increase your price.

A home must be light and bright. Avoid darkness – it means sadness. Open the curtains, let the light and, if possible, the fresh air into your home.

Make sure the temperature is right. Make sure the welcome mat at the front door is matched by the inside atmosphere. In winter if you have an open fire, use it, especially when buyers come looking.

Dogs and cats belong outside while your home is for sale. Smell is so important. You can give your home the right scent by using Ambi-Pur plug-ins. They come in many fragrances. Once you use them, you’ll be hooked.

The biggest selling point of your home will likely be your favourite room, perhaps a lounge or a room with a great view. Whatever it is, let the buyers feel the atmosphere in this part of the home.

If possible, leave them alone. Let them absorb the atmosphere.

If your home is clean, if it has that ‘loved-in’ feel, if it smells nice and if you give buyers their own space to inspect with plenty of time, you’ll give your home the best chance to sell itself. You’ll realise that homes are rarely sold, they’re bought.

Buyers, especially those looking for a family home are influenced by atmosphere more than price.

Always remember that the best buyers buy homes they love. Make your home is as lovable as you can. Stand back and ask yourself: “How does this feel?”

Pour your heart into it and you’ll win the hearts of the buyers.

Maximise the natural atmosphere and you’ll maximise the price.