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by Neil Jenman

Article written and provided by Neil Jenman from Jenman.com.au . To see the original source of this article please click here. https://jenman.com.au/how-to-sell-your-own-home-easily/. Neil Jenman is Australia’s trusted consumer crusader. He can support you, all the way, from choosing an agent who will get you the highest price guaranteed to when your removalist comes! You get an unprecedented level of total support. All for free. To find out more visit jenman.com.au

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Something doesn’t make sense.

It’s a fact: 92 per cent of Australians do not trust estate agents. Yet the first thing that 99 per cent of Australians do when they want to sell their home is contact an agent.

Does that seem right?

Clearly, there is someone in whom home-owners have less trust than real estate agents.


How could you possibly trust yourself less than the typical real estate agent?

It doesn’t make sense.

It’s all because homeowners don’t know how easy it is to “sell” their own home.

But if only they did know. It’s so easy as to be almost ridiculous.

So easy that, yes, if all Australian homeowners knew how easy it was to sell their own homes, they would all be doing it.

Or, at the very least, they would give it a try.

Seriously, if you give it a try and you fail, what have you lost? Nothing. But if you succeed – which you are likely to do – you will save yourself thousands of dollars.

The main reason homeowners don’t try to sell their own homes is ignorance. And fear. They lack the knowledge. Worst of all, they think it’s complicated. They fear the unknown.

There is nothing to fear, honestly.

It is NOT complicated. Indeed, it has never been less complicated. It is easier now to sell your home than it has ever been.

Consider what happens with most typical agents today.

See if you feel you are capable of today’s easy three-steps to “selling” your home. It’s what most agents do. Indeed, it’s all most agents do. They earn thousands of dollars per hour.

You can do the same. Pay yourself about $2,000 an hour, that’s at least how much you’ll earn.

What a job.


Today, when an agent gets a home for sale, what is the first thing most do?

The first step is this: Place an ad on-line.

Are you capable of doing that? Can you book an ad? Yes, of course.

The next thing agents do is hold an ‘open-for-inspection’.

In the advertisement, they announce the inspection time, usually 30 minutes per week, mostly on Saturday. The agent comes to your home and, as prospective buyers turn up, the agent invites them to look around. This is step two.

Do you think you could show prospective buyers around your home? Of course. Indeed, you’d probably do a better job than most agents. You know your home well. Better than any agent.

The third part is the “sale”.

This is the part that puzzles most homeowners. It’s one they fear because they don’t understand how it’s done.

Agents usually ask sellers to leave home during inspection times. They don’t want to reveal how little they do. It’s all part of the myth that they are somehow super-skilled and highly professional. They are not.

Please remember this next statement: Agent do not sell houses, buyers buy them.

Dwell on those eight words, please.

If you understand them, they are worth at least two thousand dollars a word to you. After all, the average commission to sell a home in Australia now is about $16,000. A lot of money.

Think about it: What could you do with an extra $16,000? You could buy a good quality used car. Buy you a lot of furniture. Pay for a much-needed holiday.

Agents do not sell houses. Buyers buy them.

Think about it.

What do you think happens at those open-for-inspections? Do you think prospective buyers say to the agent, “We hate it, it’s horrible?” and then the agent goes into ‘super-sell mode’ and turns hatred into love?

Of course not.

Buyers buy homes. Agents don’t “sell” them. There is no selling involved.

When buyers love a home, they are eager to buy it. You don’t have to “sell” them, they are already “sold”. Your lovely home “sold” them; the agent had nothing to do with it.

So, the agent has placed an ad on the internet and waited at your home for 30 minutes. They are the first two steps that most agents use these days when “selling” a home.


Are you capable of handling these two steps? Of course.

When it comes to the “sell”, the buyers will tell you if they want to buy. You don’t have to say anything. You don’t have to cajole them, you don’t need to pressure them, you don’t need to chase them up. Believe me, if they like it, you will know.

They will tell you if they like it.

They will say such things as, “It’s nice. Just what we have been looking for.”

And then they may say, “What happens now?”

In which case, you just ask them for their details and the name of their solicitor or conveyancer. And swap your details.

Some may say, “Are you negotiable on price?” in which case you just say, “Well, we have decided to sell it to whoever offers us the best price.”

That will sort out the serious buyers from the bargain hunters.

And please don’t believe that agents are “great negotiators” and get you a better price. That is not true. Most agents are hopeless negotiators. Think about when you bought your home. Would you have paid more? In most cases, yes. Most buyers buy homes below their maximum price because most agents are hopeless negotiators.

Honestly, today’s real estate industry – with a few exceptions – is a monstrous over-charging gravy train for people who are too lazy, too greedy and too stupid to learn their craft and offer great value to the home sellers of Australia.

Think about it: Most agents even expect you to pay their advertising costs. On top of their massive commission. Well, why would you pay an agent thousands of dollars to do what you can for yourself? You should not and you need not.

If you want to have a try at selling your own home – or, at the very least, checking it out in more detail – let us know. We will send you a book on how to do it for yourself. No cost, no obligation.

And what do we get out of it? Heaps. We get the satisfaction of seeing good, decent, and hard-working homeowners saving tens of thousands of dollars by paying no commission and getting the absolute best price for their homes.

Your appreciation, as we always say, is our best reward.

If you sell your home without an agent, Jenman Support will not receive a cent. And you are still welcome to call on us for support. If you wish to pay (we do not accept money direct from sellers), maybe you can make a donation to a great charity such as Hetty Johnston’s Bravehearts (protecting Australia’s children); but that’s it.

We are happy to help you for no financial reward.

So, as long as you are a genuine home seller (not an agent or a troll), contact us today with your details and we will mail you the information you need to save yourself thousands of dollars.

Give it a try.

What can you lose? Nothing.

What can you gain? Plenty?

Have the confidence to trust yourself, please. You are more trustworthy than the typical agent, surely?

If they can do it, so can you. Trust yourself.

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