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Gayle & Noel – Video Testimonial

Gayle & Noel

“No up front costs. A risk free selling method that works.”


If you are selling something you shouldn’t have to be putting money up to get people to sell it for you until you’ve sold. Yeah. So it made sense to us and we loved it.

My name’s Gayle and this is my husband Noel.

And we’re in Glen Waverley in our beautiful house that we’ve lived in for 40 years and really excited to sell it. So the reason we sold is we built a townhouse in the backyard which we’re gonna retire to and we wanted to make some money to help support our children to get into the real estate market.

We had sold before but it wasn’t a great experience.

The concerns we had in getting an agent was we wanted someone who would be professional and honest and reliable. Someone with integrity and who would just do a really good job. That didn’t involve a lot of work from us.

So I managed to get three agents and when Scott explained the whole agency process, the Jenman process we were really interested and we liked the idea that they weren’t making us put money out to start with and we had signed up by the next day.

So I think the risk free method was what probably what got us over the edge initially. Loved that process, I think that’s fair and it makes sense. Did we know about the Jenman method? No, we’d never heard about it when the agency described it. It sounded like an efficient and useful method and it worked out really well for us.

They gave us some ideas about how we could improve the appearance of the house and do some little touchups. They also had some contacts with a handyman who could help us. And they were really efficient and timely and got the job done.

Yeah, it was a much more personalized service for the sellers as well as the buyers had. We find the private inspections and we found them really efficient, minimal disruption to our lives and it seemed to get along people who were really interested in the property.

So the silent auction process was amazing.

We didn’t have to go to auction. We didn’t have to be here for opens and like a week later we had sold. They were really good with their communication getting back after all the inspections telling us how it was going and we always knew where we stood when we had the final meeting with the agency.

Yeah, we were really surprised with the final offer. It was just delightful.

Would we recommend Scott Kim Real Estate? That’s an easy answer. Yes.

We already have actually. I’ve been raving about the agency to lots of people saying this is definitely a great way to sell. I thought it seemed really ethical to me. Yeah. Like, I really, really liked it so I’d definitely recommend it to anyone else.

And if we decide to move out of our townhouse at the back, we’d definitely be going with Scott Kim Real Estate agency.