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Brendan – Video Testimonial


“I didn’t have to pay $6,500 in advertising the other agent was chasing”


It was a great process and I felt that things were transparent. I knew what was on the table and I felt like I was in control.

My name’s Brendan and I’m at the home of my late mother. And the home has recently been sold by my Jenman Approved Agent, Scott Kim Real Estate in Mount Waverley.

I’d never sold a property before so I’d heard a multitude of bad stories about real estate agents, particularly about advertising fees. And it seemed to me that there was a lot of pressure placed on vendors to agree to a sale price.

I needed to sell the home in order to wrap up the estate and I needed to do that reasonably quickly. So, I contacted a variety of agents  during that process. My next door neighbor who had used Scott Kim referred me and we went from there.

It would not be just him handling this sale. In fact he said that it would be the whole of his office which I thought was confidence inspiring. I felt that he certainly had my back.

Really easy to get along with knowledgeable, approachable. They were clear about the way in which fees were calculated I knew what we were going to be paying from the outset. Importantly I didn’t have to find $6,500 for advertising costs which the other agent was seeking.

I found the private inspection process to be very convenient for me very stress free because it was conducted by the agent.

They reported back to me and advised me how many people had been through and what proportion of those appeared to be genuine buyers and what those buyers intended to do with the property.

The silent auction process was stress free.

At no point was I squeezed down. In fact it was simply a matter of selecting the highest offer. All of the offers were unconditional… they were quality buyers and all of that was achieved within one week of the property being listed for sale which I thought was remarkable.

Yeah, the result achieved was well above my expectations, to be honest.

And what that’s meant for me is that I now have achieved a sale price which allows me to now reconsider where I head to in life.

And so it’s been a very positive experience from start to finish.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Scott Kim real estate easy to deal with at every point. They were really a delight to deal with.