Don’t be under-sold and over-charged!

by Neil Jenman

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Three words scare the life out of dodgy real estate agents.

And yet these three words can work wonders for sellers and buyers.

They can get you a much better price when you sell and a much better deal when you buy.

The three words that scare agents can be worth thousands of extra dollars to you. And that’s just one reason why you, as a consumer, should love these three words. And embrace them.


These three words can give you complete control. What a turnaround compared to all those sellers who are “signed-up” and controlled by agents. Agents call them “controlled listings”.

These three words don’t just scare agents, they neutralise agents. Like putting a muzzle on a pit-bull. Or removing venom from a brown snake.

Not only can you sell for a better price when you use these words, you will have less stress.

Consumers can seize back control when they use the three words that scare agents.

And isn’t that what’s most important when selling or buying our biggest financial asset? You don’t want to feel like putty in the hands of agents who twist your emotions back and forth with their deceit and self-serving spin.

To get the best deal for yourself, you must have control.

And that’s why you must use three words that not only scare agents, but also give you control over the agents.


Here are the three words that scare agents.

The first word is ‘THINK’.

The second word is ‘ABOUT’.

And the third word is ‘IT’.

Yes, “Think about it!!”.

These are the three words you should use when you are being asked to make a major decision by an agent. This is especially true if you feel uncomfortable or you are being pressured.

When an agent first visits you and gives you a quote on the price of your home and asks you to sign a ‘Selling Agency Agreement’, say you want to “think about it”.

When an agent asks you to drop your price, say you want to “think about it”.

And, most important of all, when an agent is pressuring you to accept an offer and is telling you this is the best you will get and “the market has spoken”, that’s when you need to speak the three words that scare agents and protect you.

Say you want to “think about it”.

Remember this: When an agent wants you to make a fast decision, that decision is likely better for the agent than you. Especially at auctions where your head might be spinning, and the eyes of a crowd are upon you and you are shocked at the low bids.

Just remember these words from a Real Estate Institute of Australia training manual for agents: “Move quickly, they are usually numb. Don’t give them time to dwell on the price.”

But time is exactly what you need.

You need time to think, especially if you feel numb. You do not need bullies in your face urging you to decide now, on the spot.

Even if you must yell at them, tell them you want to “THINK ABOUT IT!”.

Indeed, also tell them: “If you do not allow us to think about it [for however long we require], we will not do business with you.” This should make agents back off. It should give you time to consider whether the decision you are being asked to make is in your best interests.

Remember those words: “Your best interests”.

To decide what is best for you always takes time. Time to think about it. Time to consider your options. Time to get advice from others who do not get a fat commission if you sell or buy.

The number one reason most people – especially sellers who short-sell their homes – make wrong decisions is because they did not give the matter enough thought. They did not think about it enough.

The words “think about it” should be your personal real estate safety mantra. They will help you to get a far better price when you sell.

These words can also stop you wasting thousands of dollars in needless expenses. They can prevent horrible ‘nasties’ happening to you, such as a caveat placed on your home because you refused to pay an unfair invoice for thousands of dollars for not selling your home.

Yes, you read it right: Thousands of sellers have been forced to pay thousands of dollars each when their homes have not sold.

And thousands of sellers will be forced in the future to pay thousands of dollars for not selling their homes. All because they didn’t insist on their right to “think about it”.

It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

It seems almost impossible to understand, right?

But it’s true. More true than you may realise.

Most people do not have experience with real estate. Home sellers get ripped off by paying thousands of dollars for needless advertising and, worse, their home is short-sold by tens of thousands of dollars.

And that is only the start of the horrors that can go wrong.

Don’t believe it?

Well, at least give yourself a better chance. Think about things a bit longer before you make a major decision about your family home.

If you’d like some information, I’d be willing to give a copy of my 400-page book to all genuine real estate consumers. The book is called ‘DON’T SIGN ANYTHING ’.

Maybe it should be called: ‘DON’T SIGN ANYTHING, before you THINK ABOUT IT ‘.

Please, for your sake, until you have read the book or done your research, always use the three words that scare agents and protect you: THINK ABOUT IT.